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Wood Flooring Stains

Wood Stain Color Applications for Hardwood Floors

Sample Wood Stain Color Design

It’s a process where you can apply a pigment to an otherwise natural wood flooring to add color, design and richness to your hardwood flooring. It is not necessary to stain your wood floors. The common sanding and refinishing protocol is composed of the 2 step process:

  1. Sanding the old finish bringing the wood back to a flat unfinished surface and
  2. Re-applying a sealer, then 2 coats of a finish of your choice.

Staining is a separate process that will set your floor apart from common natural wood flooring. There are so many types of stains and so many different colors and results that can be obtained.

We, at Elite Hardwood Restoration, are highly skilled in this very artistic process of the trade. We will again take the time to listen and understand your expectations. We can work with designers to match custom colors or simply match a beautiful color you saw in a magazine or even with your existing flooring. We will educate you in this process, show you samples on your floor from many different methods and colors until you are happy with your choice.

You may choose from any of the wood stain colors below or we can create a custom stain for you.